FRESNEL Quick Guide

Running Scheme

Following buttons of Main toolbar are shortcuts to control FRESNEL running. To choose command, click a button with your mouse. The meanings of the buttons are:

Run (start/continue calculations)

Step (Running scheme in step-by-step mode).



Set Run options

When calculations are started, FRESNEL automatically creates new Beam Window that displays the evolution of the beam as it passes the elements of your scheme. The content of this window is redrawn automatically when beam reaches entry and exit of element. The title bar of this window is changed automatically in accordance with the name of element reached.
When you are running FRESNEL some of the buttons on the toolbar are occasionally dimmed, just as some of the menu commands are. This means that the command the button represents is not available. For example, you can't cut element (copy, paste, etc.) while calculations are in progress.
When the calculations are completed you have two Beam Windows, one with initial beam and second with resulting beam.

What FRESNEL can do for you when running Scheme

FRESNEL gives you many ways to control running your scheme. You can:

- Run scheme until beam reaches entry or exit of the element specified beforehand (checkpoint).
- Run scheme in step-by-step mode.
- Request pause at any time while running scheme.
- Save current beam on disk for future using.
- Stop running scheme at any time.
- Monitor FRESNEL activity using status line at the bottom of the FRESNEL Main Window.

Exiting from FRESNEL

When you finish working with FRESNEL, choose File | Exit. If you've made any changes in scheme you haven't saved, FRESNEL asks if you want to save the changes before quitting.

Accessing HELP

To access Help in FRESNEL main window, press or select Help command of the Main menu. You can also press Help buttons in elements dialog boxes.

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