Internet optical simulation resources

Optical simulation is very complicated process. It is very easy to get nice looking, but wrong results. The correct choice of the optimal modeling tool is very important, and depends upon the tasks of simulation. No one tool today can embrace all possible applications.
Bellow you can find links to various optical simulation tools. Most companies suggest demo versions of their products, so you can try them and compare with FRESNEL on your real problem before purchase.

Applied Optics Research. Maker of GLAD laser analysis software.

OXALIS-LASER, a French company, providing services to French companies involved in the realization of lasers. 

ZEMAX-EE - optical design program combining three major categories of analysis in one package including lens design, physical optics, and non-sequential illumination/stray light. 

Optical Research Associates (ORA)  the developer of the world's leading optical software packages, CODE V, LightTools and the LightTools Illumination and Data Exchange Modules

ASAP - Advanced Systems Analysis Program. ASAP is an unconstrained, non-sequential ray tracing program for modeling physical optics, imaging, and illumination systems. 

OpTaliX is a comprehensive program for design, analysis and optimization of optical systems and thin film multilayers.
On this site one can find the impressive list of usefull links

Design software for photonics. Optiwave's suite of comprehensive engineering design tools benefits photonic, bio-photonic, and system design engineers with a comprehensive design environment. 

Ultrashort pulse modeling, diffractive optics, gratings, laser resonator simulation. 

SCIOPT SCIOPT Enterprises distributor of PARAXIA code, developed under Professor Siegman supervision.

DIFFRACT is a powerful software package that helps you simulate coherent beams of light as they propagate through an optical system. 

OKO technology. MathLab and MathCad components for wave propagation simulation.
MZA Associates Corporation MZA is a company specializing in computer simulation, optical design, data acquisition, and analysis for scientific experiments.
Flagship projects include development of two advanced simulation packages: WaveTrain and Tempus.
Wave phenomena and atomic physic simulation on MAC computers