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PROMO configuration is designed to give a basic understanding of the program. This is a fully functional version, the only restriction is that the maximum discretization for the simulated laser beam on the space is limited by 1024x1024 samples and in time by 8 slices. By the way, the major part of the calculations in the design of National Ignition Facility (NIF LLNL USA) has been performed with discretization 512x512.

File to download - Fresnel_Promo_2KX4June01.exe
size - 36.5 MBytes, date - June 01, 2014
Tips to install.
Run Fresnel_Promo_2KX4June01.exe - it will install FRESNEL PROMO 2014 on your computer.
FRESNEL 4.7 User Guide.
Illustrated FRESNEL manual available as PDF document.
File to download - User's Guide 47.pdf
FRESNEL Examples' description
A brief introduction to FRESNEL explaining the basics of FRESNEL dialog windows and demonstrating a lot of useful examples.
File to download - EXAMPLES' DESCRIPTION.pdf
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