FRESNEL - software for simulation of laser beam propagation through various optical scheme(s)
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  • FRESNEL numerical calculations are based on the Fresnel diffraction theory.
  • FRESNEL includes such physical phenomena as diffraction, optical imaging, spherical aberration, gain saturation effects in amplifiers, pulse shape distortion and nonlinear effects in media.
  • FRESNEL library includes more than 50 of simulated optical elements, tools and resources.
  • FRESNEL is addressed to: scientists and engineers, lecturers in laser optics, students.
  • FRESNEL is extremely simple and straightforward to learn and use.
  • FRESNEL runs on the IBM PC compatible family of computers and has the extremely user-friendly interface shared by most MS Windows applications.

The latest FRESNEL version# is 4.8.

Flat-topped, Resonator mode, Super Gaussian, Diffraction pattern, Diaphragm, Mask, Obscuration, Dusted surface, Lens, Beam expander, Spatial filter, Disk amplifier, Tilt, Astigmatism, Spherical. Aberration, Coma, Defocus, Phase aberration (Zernike polynomials, Taylor series), Deformable mirror, Intensity or amplitude attenuation, Shift, Rotation, Reflection, Interference, Plate, Beam analyzer, Wavefront metrology, Self-focusing, Second Harmonic Generation (SHG), Multipass Amplifier, L-turn, U-turn The most important extensions are:
  • Temporal discretization of beam is up to 128 slices.
  • Simulation of Nonlinear Optics : Self-focusing and Harmonic Generation.
  • Simultaion of Multipass Amplification Schemes.
  • New software configuration "TRIAL" - powerful tool to start with.
    It is available for FREE now.